Kevin Eugene Moses was a remarkable man.

We have dedicated this museum to his memory, using a mere fraction of his collection. “Moses” was the ultimate human Harley Davidson Motorcycle walking encyclopedia. He knew more about Harleys than Willie G. himself. He was employed as a shop manager  for Stu’s Electric Motors in Mt.Pleasant (the family business) for most of his life, but spent a lot of his time riding and collecting an impressive amount of Harley bikes and memorabilia. His first Harley came at age 19, he survived a near-fatal crash at age 21, and he even owned dogs named ‘Harley’ and ‘Davidson’. ‘Moses’ died on August 8, 2010 of head and neck cancer at the age of 55. His parents Stu and Joan as well as his sister Karla have worked very hard in the months following his death to organize his extensive collection into the museum that exists today. We hope you enjoy it!



However, this museum runs solely on sales of “Moses” merchandise and your generous donations. If you like what you see, please contribute what you can so we can carry on in memory of Kevin!

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